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Margaret: Sister, Daughter, Aunt, Mother, Friend- Primary years

Me at 1 year
My mother had me when she was 42 years old, she was strongly discouraged from continuing her pregnancy, Boy am I ever glad she didn't listen. I think she is pretty happy too since I was her only girl, 13 years after her 3rd boy. She gave me 3 names, pretty sure she was saving them all up for a while.
My mom at age 45ish
Margaret Elizabeth Pauline, Margaret is after the Aunt that helped raise her. I think that this partly why I'm so against abortion, I could have never been born. Then my kids wouldn't be here either...

I was raised in a small village, we lived on the Main street until my dad passed away when I was just 2. He died of an Aneurism at 44 years old, at the kitchen table, so I'm told. I don't remember a thing about him. In his pictures with me, he is very hairy. Apparently we just rented the house and we were very behind on the rent, so my mother, with 4 children (3 rebellious teen boys and a 2 yr. old) had to sell most of our furniture to catch up.

Me, Mom and Dad
She married my step dad (whom I call Dad, he's the only one I remember), when I was 4 or 5 years old. That is when we moved to the first house I really remember well, mostly I remember tumbling down the basement stairs more than once. I also remember my first friend, Melody lived next door. My brothers (Tom, Gord, Mike) didn't get along well with my step dad and moved away one by one.

Me and Melody at Skating
There was only one elementary school in the village so that's where I went and there I met my oldest friend Nadine. I was so VERY jealous that she went to Preschool and I didn't, she even got to make GINGERBREAD houses at Christmas time! Nadine and I figure skated together, went to church camp, and we went to Summer Fun together too.
Gr. 5, Christina, Nadine, Dana and Ms. Moore

When I was about 8 or 9, my parents built a new house in the Village so we moved there. It was further away from the school so we usually ate lunch at Nadine's house. Pizza made in the oven with tomato paste, italian seasoning and cheese slices were our specialty. We had lots of sleep overs which involved Doritos, Stephen King movies and tape recording 'My Little Ponies' doing things that Ponies should never do.

Sabrina, Ginny, Nadine, Me
In Grade 7 my friend Christy moved away and Sabrina moved in to our Village and the 'Three Musty Steers' were formed as my dad used to call us. By that time, Nadine had a horse named Bob at her barn near by and eventually Lady was added and then Jack. There were only ever two horses at the barn at one time, so we took turns riding around the Village, or we rode double on Lady. I usually took the back because Sabrina tended to slide off and pull me with her, now I think this was a ploy for her to get the reigns. She was pretty convincing, especially when she pulled me off and we both got tangled in the electric fence.

Me, My bike and My Dog Cookie
Our Elementary school was full of Great Characters. I have found, as an adult, the relationships I had back then are more substantial than some of the ones that were formed in High School. Even some of the slightest friendships have become tighter bonds, perhaps because of the singularity of life in a Village. 

I had a master plan to fail Grade 8 because I was so unpopular, I thought I would have to live in a locker at Highschool. I think I failed to mention the perms and buck-teeth/braces I donned in elementary school! I just knew I would never be as popular as Liz or Leigh-Anne or Flannery.

Dad, Me and Mom at Gr. 8 Grad
But, I did well in school and I don't REALLY like to fail so, on to Grade 9 I went. That is when the adventures became interesting....

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  1. I love this entry. There really is something special about growing up in a village. :)

    P.S. I still can't believe we all went to school in cinder block.


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