Thursday, 14 July 2011

Let's "Cut the Gas" People!

Feel some words coming out? Put food in your mouth.
Something that people back in the day used to do was Be Quiet. There were the Loud Mouths of course, but they were frowned upon. We have a habit in this Age of Information, of saying everything all the time with no Brain to Mouth Filter. I have to agree that it is more difficult to know what not to say, with Facebook, Twitter and now Google+. Especially with people applauding shows like "Jerry Springer" (which is so fake I can't even watch it).

One rule of thumb you can use is no politics, finances or religion posted unless you are trying to get a reaction. I have been guilty of that myself, however, when I AM looking for a reaction, I can almost FEEL my little mischievous Elf Ears popping up. I am ready for a reaction! If you don't want peoples opinions, keep it light and funny on those boards people! You don't have to be a Facebook 'Hater' or disable your account 6 times a year, just Be Prepared.

Don't be a Butthead
If someone does or says something that you don't like or agree with. They don't need to know your opinion, sometimes they may ask for your opinion, then you need to use the Brain to Mouth filter. Because if it does not directly affect you or those you care for, then it's REALLY none of your business and you aren't going to change anything by alienating your friends and family. Even if it does directly affect you, there is a right way and a WRONG way to go about things. If you do it the wrong way, you might as well stick your head up your butt and start talking because it will have the same effect. Nobody's really hearing you and you come out Smelling really BAD.

Bad Decision...
There are times when someone you care about is making extremely poor choices. I'm not just talking about when they get one too many cats or when they feel green hair is for them, but more along the lines of them perhaps using abortion for birth control or leaving their infants in the car while they 'run in' to Walmart for half an hour. If you have already said something out of concern, while using the Brain to Mouth filter, and they continue to show questionable judgement... the filter may start to collapse and you need to STEP AWAY from the situation. For however long it takes. Until the person in question smartens up, or moves away.

Wow! That's a Refreshing Look
So here is another lesson learned from the nifty fifty's, and from my Favourite Grade Five Teacher Ms. Moore, 'If you don't have anything nice to say, Don't say it.' But if you look hard enough, there is usually something positive you can say without being too specific!

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