Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The End of the Beginning- Finalizing the intro.

They perfected cloning and I was one of the first human subjects! Haha! Not really, but we did have baby number 4. Ruby Elizabeth Rose was born a couple of weeks early weighing 8 lbs, 1 oz. She looks an awful lot like me.

A year passed, my maternity leave finished and I gave notice to my employers that I would not be coming back to work. I have a wicked budget worked out, which we HATE to follow, but we are much more disciplined now than we used to be. Vacationing is with a pop-up tent trailer, which we hope to upgrade eventually, but it's perfect right now.

I clip coupons, order free samples, bargain shop, bake, cook full meals, clean my own house, garden, drive a van that is paid for but has some 'personality'. We see the fancy cars and people traveling abroad and know that one day, that will be us. We'll save for it and it will be that much more special.... After the kids move out, then we will pine for the days when the house was full of noise and we had a meal plan for the 'troops' each week. Then the giant blocks of cheese will go moldy, the bread stale and I will make enough food at one meal to last us a week.

The dog 'Kitty' and Ruby playing
Anyhow, here we are, the six of us, a dog, two cats and two fish. The Sheltie was replaced by a mutt named 'Kitty' (tell me that won't confuse the heck out of the baby!) and the cats have come and gone.

My Family
I think the people in the 1950's were a respectable bunch with admirable lifestyles. Their reluctance to get help for abuse and alcoholism, and smoking while pregnant was slightly negligent, but outside of that, they had a good deal going. My job is full time, we could hire a platoon of people to do it, but it's just little old me. Mike shares his Genius elsewhere, mine is doled out here, making giant cardboard houses and chocolate chip banana bread.

I'm not sure if it's the fact that my mom and dad were from an older generation (mom was born in 1935, dad in 1924), or if it's just my personality but I am in love with my life the way it is. I've not talked about so many important events and people in my life that have made me the way I am. That will have to be next portion of my blog! In addition to any interesting links and articles I find.

Me and Rockstar Hubby
Stay tuned, you never know when you will see your name! Or an old photo!!


  1. I love you and Mike together!! You guys make me believe that true love exists. :) Love it.

  2. That picture of Mike is classic!


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